Friday 27 Nov 2015
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Centrovision NEWS !

Written by Super User on 08 January 2012. Posted in News

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Cable and Internet Service will be enhanced in 2015!

Centrovision has provided Cable Television Service since 1979. Many of you have been loyal subscribers for the entire duration or for long periods of time. We are appreciative for every Centrovision Subscriber. As a small company, we have found it challenging to keep abreast of changing technology and trends in the industry. Through it all, we have never lost our commitment to our Subscribers to provide the best personalized Service possible at an affordable price.

In that tradition, Centrovision is participating in a process that will give our Subscribers many more choices during 2015. As the year progresses, our existing Cable System will be enhanced sufficiently to be equal to or exceed current industry standards. These enhancements will result in an expansion of available Services relating to Cable TV and internet.

Outlined below, you will find information that you should know about your current Cable and Internet Service.

We have tried to limit the amount for rate increases for Cable TV Service. The time has come that we must implement a rate increase to keep up with the rising cost of Programming. On our website you can see the prices that are now in effect. There is NO RATE INCREASE FOR HIGH SPEED INTERNET !

Broadcast Stations Charge Cable Companies for their Signal !

Historically local Television Broadcast Stations relied on commercial advertising to generate revenue for their station. Today each station continues to collect advertising revenue plus collect revenue from Cable Companies and Dish Companies. The collected fee is then passed on to Subscribers in their monthly bills. Starting January 2009, Broadcast Stations began charging Centrovision for their signal. Each station outlines the amount for payment in a three year term contract. We have no option except to pay the rates they impose. The billing to our Subscribers includes this fee. The current 3 year term began January 2015. The line item on your recurring monthly bill for Broadcast Basic will increase form $4.95 to $6.48 beginning April 1st.

Cable Program Providers Charge Cable Companies for their Signal !

Centrovision is committed by contract to hundreds of Program Providers that are included in our Channel Line-up. The conditions and price for the right of carriage of each channel must be negotiated and a contract for each must be executed. Companies that own multiple channels are especially hard to negotiate with. (Turner, Viacom, FOX, NBC, Disney, Discovery, and etc.) Centrovision is a member of the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) Most of our agreements with Programmers are negotiated by NCTC. Several programmers will not associate with NCTC so we must contract with them directly.

The price outlined in Programmer's Contracts increases automatically each year. These fees have escalated at a rate that is unimaginable; the rate increase for 2015 is approximately 16%. The cost of programming is the largest contributor to the increase in your Cable Bill. We would prefer offering channels on an ala carte format (You select the channels you want) however, the programmers will not permit this!

The Sports Channels are the most expensive! In addition to the annual sport channel rate increases, we incurred additional expense when we launched the Longhorn, SEC, and NFL Networks in 2014. Centrovision has adopted a policy that is becoming common throughout the industry. A line item has been included on your recurring monthly billing that reflects a surcharge for sports programming that is carried on Expanded Basic Cable. The surcharge amount that will appear on your April 1st billing will be $3.95. 

Online Express is the fastest and most reliable source of internet in your neighborhood !

Centrovision began offering High Speed Internet Service to our cable subscribers in 2002, and the response has been exceptional and our network has proven to be fast and reliable. Selection from various levels of Service assures the performance and price you need. On request, we can provide and support a modem that has an integrated wireless router, eliminating your need for extra equipment.

As video content becomes more available over the internet, your internet connection becomes more important to you! Video streaming technology will dominate the future; there will be a time when most or all your television viewing will be delivered by the Internet. Centrovision is committed to maintaining a network that will allow you access to all your Internet activities.

Thank you for your patronage!